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What is the purpose of the Microsoft Migration project?
The purpose of the migration project is to replace GroupWise with Microsoft Outlook and Novell Netware with Microsoft Windows servers. The project goals are to maximize cost savings and improve network security, reliability, continuity and manageability.
What will happen to archived and current e-mail in my GroupWise account?
All archived and current e-mail in GroupWise will be available in the new e-mail program, Microsoft Outlook, after the migration.
How will UKZN staff and students benefit from the Microsoft Migration project?
This project will benefit staff and students by:
  • Increasing the capacity and reliability of the network
  • Reducing service failures and improving service response time
  • Reducing system hardware and operating costs and energy consumption
  • Providing staff with improved electronic tools (e.g. Microsoft Outlook)
  • Expanding Web and software applications, particularly for the classroom
Will there be new functionality within the e-mail system that will benefit staff?
Microsoft Outlook is a feature-rich program with many exciting capabilities. To review some of the functions and demo the system visit:
Will staff network logins and passwords change?
Staff user names and passwords will not change. We have technology in place to synchronise user names and passwords to the Microsoft environment.
What will change for receiving and sending email?
Your email address will remain the same, your email inbox and out box will remain with the existing messages in them. The difference will be that instead of using GroupWise to open your email you will open Outlook to send and receive email. All existing items in your email should remain in place.
When and how will staff members receive training to use the new system?
Training will be made available in electronic formats on the Microsoft migration website.
How will UKZN inform staff members of the migration dates?
The migration schedule is posted on the website. Prior to migration, an e-mail will be sent to all staff members including the migration date and instructions on next steps.
Will staff have access to computer files during and after the migration?
Yes, however there may be interruptions to file access during the migration, but IT will do everything possible to minimize the impact. Once the migration is complete, staff and students should have access to all data that was on the server before the migration.
What can I do to prepare for the Migration?
First clean up data in your GroupWise mailbox and on shared folders. The less data we need to move the faster your information will be moved. If required contact ICS to assist you with your shared data clean-up. If these things are done before the day of your migration it will save a lot of time on that day.
What are some of the new applications staff will be able to use once the migration is
Microsoft Outlook will be the only new application added. If you are currently using Microsoft Office 2000 or 2003, you should install Microsoft Office 2010 prior to the migration.
Once I am migrated to the Microsoft network and Outlook e-mail system, how will appointments/cancellations appear when I receive them from others still on GroupWise?
The appointment information will appear in the body of the e-mail. You will need to enter appointments manually until everyone is on the same platform.
Can I continue to use “Busy Search” to check a person’s availability?
If the person is migrated, you may still use the “Busy Search” feature. If not, you will need to contact him/her via e-mail or phone to get this information.
Can those still on GroupWise view the properties of a sent appointment or e-mail to see if it has been received and opened?
No, but you can set up delivery notification to return to you.
Can those still on GroupWise retract an appointment or e-mail sent to all users even those on Outlook and vice versa?
Since they are separate e-mail systems, once an appointment or e-mail has been sent it cannot be retracted. To cancel and appointment you will need to follow up with an e-mail to all recipients.
What will the Microsoft Outlook icon look like on my desktop?
The icon on the left will appear on your desktop after Outlook is installed.

Will Outlook sync with a Blackberry?
Yes, you will still have this ability if you currently have this feature.
Will I have proxy access to calendars in GroupWise and Outlook?
Proxy access is only available within the same e-mail system.
How can staff members obtain more information about the project?
ICS has developed a website to provide information and updates on the Microsoft Migration project, including this FAQ. Staff may also contact the HelpDesk at x4000 with specific questions.
Will updates be made to this FAQ ?
Yes, staff members are encouraged to check this FAQ regularly, since it will continue to be updated and expanded before and during the migration process.

What will happen to all my address books, contact information and distribution lists?
All address books, contact information and distribution lists will migrate to Outlook.
Is Outlook as easy to use as GroupWise?
Of course this is subjective but Outlook is generally thought to be much more intuitive to learn and use than GroupWise.
Microsoft has a free web-based client that you can use to access your email from anywhere. The free client provides the basic email tool functionality including rule creation, email and calendar management, etc. The GroupWise online access will redirect to the Outlook online access.

Yes. Microsoft’s free web based client is compatible with Macs and can be used to access your email from anywhere. The free client provides the basic email tool functionality including rule creation, email and calendar management, etc. The GroupWise online access will redirect to the Outlook online access. Please bookmark the new address.
Can I use my handheld device to access my Outlook email and calendar?
Microsoft’s email products are widely compatible with handheld and portable devices such as PDAs, smart phones, etc. Many devices have an “exchange” plug-in available to synchronize so updates to our UKZN Outlook email and calendars are seen on them. Plug-ins come with instructions for making setup easy for users to do themselves.

When I use Outlook at home will I be able to separate my work email account from my personal email account?
Yes. Multiple profiles make it possible to separate your work data from your personal data on the same computer.