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How to Place a Notice

University Notice System

The University of KwaZulu-Natal Notice System is a web-based system and can be used to read existing notices or to place a notice of your own.

Steps for placing a notice:

Click on the following link: to begin creating a notice.

You can browse the notices without a logon. To place a notice click the login button located at the top of the page below the "University of KwaZulu-Natal Notice System" banner.

You need to log onto the system to gain access to this resource. Follow the instructions on how to login. Key in your LAN login name & password and click "Continue"

If you were successfully logged in you will notice Create Notice button located below the main banner. Click this button.

Finally, enter your notice in the form provided on this page and tick which campus you want the notice to go to - either staff or students and then click "SUBMIT"

At the end of the day all the notices that have been submitted are moderated(between 16:00-16:30). An email is automatically generated overnight sending the relevant notices to the relevant campuses. This email is available the next day in your inbox.

Due to this procedure it is essential to place the notice before 16:00 of the day before you want it to be viewed.
If you have knowledge of html this can be used inside the notice content.

If you experience any problems, please contact Bharat #2026 or Vasu #8102 at The Web Management, Public Affairs & Corporate Communications, Westville Campus. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will I still be able to read my Notices from within GroupWise?
In a manner of speaking yes, However you will not get the entire notice delivered to you in your email, instead you will get a daily digest which will list the subject of the notices and hyperlinks (web links) that will take you to that notice on the web.

2. Who has access to notices?

Anybody can access the notice system, however you will not be able to place notices from off-campus.

3. How do I place a notice?

Via The Web, To place a notice via the web interface firstly you should login to the notice system, once you have logged in you will see a "create notices" link, selecting this link opens up a window where you can place notices.

4. Can I sell my 1969 VW Beetle using this Notice board?

No, this is a moderated notice system that "at the present time" does not cater for private notices and adverts.

5. What are the filters for?

The filters are designed to allow you to selectively view notices that are destined for a campus area, ie "Durban staff", as apposed to everyone. (See question 9)

6. Why do I have to Login ?

You have to be logged in in order for the system to recognize you so that you can place notices, if you are just reading notices you do not need to login.

7. What is A NDS Login Name ?

A NDS (Netware Directory Services) name is your unique identifier that the network recognizes you by, using this the system can identify you and automatically get your details such as first name, surname and email address.

8. I have some suggestions, who can I send them to?

At present you can send suggestions and constructive critique to or

9. Who can notice be sent to?

A notice can be sent to the staff and students of all five campuses.

10. When is the digest notice sent out?

The Digest Notice is sent out every night at 9:00 pm

11 How do I use the search?

The search is based on a full text indes of the notice body field and and the subject field. search for an absolute string by inclosing it in quotes. The string "year end" will return any notice that contains the string "year end", while simply entering the two words (year end) will return all notices that contains the word "year" and the word "end". The search will search the entire notice database.

12 Can I see how many people have read my notice?

Once you have logged in on the notice home page you will see a menu item labeled "my history". Selecting this link will allow you to view the history of the notices that you have submitted, including the number of times the notice has been read.

13 How do I edit a notice once I have submitted it?

Login to the notice system and select the "my history" link. You will be able to click on the link of any notice that has not been moderated, this will allow you to edit it.